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About Us


Founded in 2015, Avalina is the brainchild of Alina Kim who graduated with a BFA degree from Parsons School of Design. Taking cue from the nuances of everyday life, each piece is given custom care and curated to be every bit as unique as her inspiration: linear architecture, vintage pieces, nature, and the clients themselves with whom she creates bespoke pieces. Using fine jewelry as a medium, Avalina designs speak to the person; they tell a story about the customer's journey and celebrate individual milestones. Avalina diamond pieces add a detailed, updated, touch such as texture and shape-play while Avalina gemstone pieces are designed around the stones by exploring what shapes and color stories can be built around them. Ultimately, when you buy Avalina, you take home a handcrafted, timeless family heirloom born from the exploration of personal style.